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2014 KanJam Klassic Champions
Stallion Survivors
Eric Klavoon & Jon Sandino

New Klassic Champions crowned!

In first time pair-up, Stallion Survivors win the hammer

On Saturday, April 19th, a field of 19 competitive teams participated in the 2014 KanJam Klassic. After nearly eight years of KanJam, Jon Sandino earned his first ever Hammer trophy, pairing up with Eric Klavoon to form Stallion Survivors. After earning the number one seed from the Regular Season with a record of 18-1, they went on to defeat three tough playoff teams, including last year's Champions, PHILorkus, in some intense overtime games. After being down to More Like Kan't Jam three games to none in the Semi-Finals, they made an epic comeback and eventually won Game 7 in triple overtime to propel themselves into the Finals. In the Finals, Stallion Survivors defeated No Big Deal in four games to win the crown.

The win marked the 6th KanJam Klassic title for Eric Klavoon, which is the most all-time. Eric also becomes the first player to win a major KanJam title with three different partners, having previously won in the past with Dan Klavoon (Rebel Survivors) and Steve Wojcik (Sole Survivors).


Official Ranks including Playoffs

1Stallion Survivors305
2No Big Deal258
3The Hammer Bros208
4More Like Kan't Jam228
5Six It189
6Da Bubulas1910
7Team Rebels1912
10What the1312
11Tragically Tipped1113
12Two guys one slot716
13The Goon Slayers613
14The Angry Whistlepigs514
15Ebony and Ivory514
16The Lawn Boys514
17Jedi Masters415
18Hot Shots Part Deux316
19Hot Pocket316


Determined by final finish and regular season seedings.

Regular Season


1Stallion Survivors181
2No Big Deal172
3The Hammer Bros163
4More Like Kan't Jam154
5Six It145
6Da Bubulas145
7Team Rebels136
10What the118
11Tragically Tipped109
12Two guys one slot712
13The Goon Slayers613
14The Angry Whistlepigs514
15Ebony and Ivory514
16The Lawn Boys514
17Jedi Masters415
18Hot Shots Part Deux316
19Hot Pocket316


Ties decided by head-to-head play.
The top 12 teams qualified for the playoffs.


With a field of 19 teams, there were no divisions and the regular season featured everyone playing each team one game to 21 points. Without a question, the highlight game from the regular season took place between last year's Klassic Champions, PHILorkus (Josh Greenauer & Phil Schneider), and No Big Deal (Matt Nelson & Shane Nelson). Their game went to eight overtime rounds, with six of those eight rounds being perfect. This sets a new record for the longest game ever in the history of the tournament. The game was won by No Big Deal.


Here were just a few teams that threw Instant Wins in the regular season:

  • Slackers (2, one against The Angry Whistlepigs, and another against Team Rebels)
  • More Like Kan't Jam (against The Hammer Bros)
  • What the (against Two guys one slot)
  • Hot Pocket (against Team Rebels) - over the top shot

Just a few of several perfect games thrown during the regular season:

  • PHILorkus (5)
  • Stallion Survivors (4)
  • No Big Deal (4)

There were also a ton of overtime games that were played during the regular season, with many extending into multiple overtime rounds.

19 teams
11th annual KanJam Klassic

The top 12 teams from the regular season made the playoffs. Teams were ranked on a basis of total wins and head-to-head record for ties. Stallion Survivors dominated the competition, losing just one game in the regular season to The Hammer Bros (Connor Vanderpool & Shane Haley) in overtime. Since there were 12 teams that made the playoffs, the top four teams received a "bye" for the first round. Here were the top four bye teams:

#1 - Stallion Survivors (18-1)
#2 - No Big Deal (17-2)
#3 - The Hammer Bros (16-3)
#4 - More Like Kan't Jam (15-4)

Six It (Lenny Feldman & Sam Caquias) won their head-to-head game against Da Bubulas (Scott Silverman & Alex Reinecke), claiming the #5 seed, since both teams tied in record at 14-5. The other tiebreaker was between PHILorkus and Slackers (Jim Daugherty & Kim Daugherty), who both finished at 12-7. PHILorkus won their head-to-head game to take the #8 seed, giving Slackers the #9 spot.

With the top four teams sitting out for the first round, seeds #5 through #12 would compete in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs.

All the higher seeds advanced from the Wild Card Round

Wild Card (best of 7) - In the first round of the playoffs, Da Bubulas (#6) defeated Tragically Tipped (#11, Bob Greenauer & LeeAnn Greenauer) four games to one. For the first time since the 2009 KanJam Klassic, Team Rebels (Dan Klavoon & Brian Licht) made their return as a team, making the playoffs as the #7 seed. They knocked out #10 seed, What the (Brian Schultz & Derek Schultz), four games to two in the first round. PHILorkus took down Slackers in a clean sweep, four games to none to advance. And for the first time ever, one team was able to advance automatically. Two guys one slot (Michael Robichaud & Nick Hora) made the playoffs with a record of 7-12 as the final seed (#12). However, they left the tournament and did not show up for their series in the Wild Card Round, allowing the #5 seed, Six It, to advance to the Quarter-Finals.

No Big Deal defeats Team Rebels, 4-2
Shown: Matt Nelson (No Big Deal)

Quarter-Finals (best of 7) - With all the higher seeds winning their matchups in the Wild Card Round, they would move on to face the top four bye teams. In a series with the first four games all going to overtime, Stallion Survivors (#1) took on PHILorkus (#8). After losing the first game, Stallion Survivors defeated PHILorkus in five overtime rounds in Game 2 to even up the series. The very next game went to seven overtime rounds, with many of those rounds being perfect. Stallion Survivors won that game as well, and went ahead to win the next two games to capture the series 4-1 and knock out the defending champions. In the closest series from this round, No Big Deal (#2) battled with Team Rebels (#7). No Big Deal won the series four games to two, advancing to the Final 4 of the Klassic for the second year in a row. The Hammer Bros (#3) continued their consistent play, defeating Da Bubulas (#6), 4-1, while More Like Kan't Jam (#4) took down Six It (#5) in just four games.


Final 4 (Semi-Finals, best of 7) - The top four bye teams lived up to their regular season seeds by all making it to the Final 4. In impressive fashion, No Big Deal (#2) swept The Hammer Bros (#3) in four games, including three straight perfect games to end the series. In doing so, No Big Deal advanced to the Finals for the first time in a major KanJam tournament. This also marks The Hammer Bros best tournament performance yet, finishing third place overall.

Stallion Survivors come back from 3-0 deficit to beat More Like Kan't Jam
Shown: Jon Sandino (Stallion Survivors)

In the other series, Stallion Survivors (#1) closed out Game 1, 21-13 against More Like Kan't Jam (#4). However, since they had the Hammer, More Like Kan't Jam still had a shot at an Instant Win. Sure enough, Jayce Grefrath threw an Instant Win to give More Like Kan't Jam an early 1-0 series lead. That shot would give them the momentum, winning the next two games to take a commanding 3-0 series lead. In Game 4, More Like Kan't Jam scored six points in double overtime, forcing Stallion Survivors to match it. With a bucket on the first throw, the second throw was low and Jon Sandino flipped the disc into the goal for another bucket to avoid elimination. In triple overtime, Jon flipped another into the goal for a 6-4 win in the final round, to bring the series to 3-1. Stallion Survivors would win the next game and trailed in the series 3-2 entering Game 6. With a 19-13 lead, Eric Klavoon hit a timely deuce on the final throw to force More Like Kan't Jam into an Instant Win attempt. This time, they did not get it, extending the series into a final Game 7. Of course, it would only be fitting that this game would go to overtime. After matching perfect buckets through two overtime rounds, Stallion Survivors put the pressure on again, shooting another six-pack in triple overtime. More Like Kan't Jam scored a bucket on the first throw, but only got one point on the return throw, capping a gritty come from behind series win for Stallion Survivors. In doing so, Stallion Survivors become the third team in the history of the tournament to win a playoff series after trailing 3-0. The other two teams to accomplish the feat were Milo's Minions in 2011 and PHILorkus in the Finals of the 2013 KanJam Klassic. This was also the second straight Klassic that More Like Kan't Jam made it to the Final 4.

2014 KanJam Klassic Runners-Up
No Big Deal
Shane Nelson & Matt Nelson

The stage was set for the Finals and it featured the #1 seed, Stallion Survivors, against the #2 seed, No Big Deal. For Jon Sandino of Stallion Survivors, this was his second year in a row in the KanJam Klassic Finals, having made it there the prior year with Brian Ellis as The Italian Stallions. For Eric Klavoon of Stallion Survivors, it was his 7th trip to the Klassic Finals. And for Matt Nelson & Shane Nelson of No Big Deal, it was their first ever Finals appearance. No Big Deal had the Hammer for Game 1. After going perfect to 18 points and needing just a bucket to secure a win in the opening game, No Big Deal missed the bucket and could not hit the deuce to close out. Stallion Survivors were then able to close out at 21. Only needing one point, Shane Nelson accidentally dunked the disc in for a bucket, reducing their total to 17 and therefore needing an Instant Win. Unable to hit an Instant Win, Stallion Survivors won Game 1.

In Game 2, No Big Deal started out perfect to 15, and eventually were just another bucket away from winning. Unable to get a bucket on the final throw, No Big Deal had to wait another round to close out, allowing Stallion Survivors to get to 21. After converting the final two points, No Big Deal forced overtime. Stallion Survivors shot six points to force No Big Deal to match. With just one point on the first throw, No Big Deal again had to shoot for an Instant Win and could not get it, resulting in a 2-0 series lead for Stallion Survivors. In Game 3, Stallion Survivors continued their hot streak, shooting a perfect game. In attempt to break up their rhythm, No Big Deal decided to throw first instead of taking the Hammer in Game 4. However, Stallion Survivors still carried their hot streak into Game 4, going perfect to 18. This time, No Big Deal was able to convert five points to close out on Shane Nelson's clutch deuce, a shot that almost dropped into the top of the goal for an Instant Win. Stallion Survivors got the final bucket on the first throw to force overtime.

KanJam Klassic Finals
Stallion Survivors throw back-to-back perfect games to win the title
Shown: Eric Klavoon (Stallion Survivors)

In overtime, No Big Deal this time put the pressure on Stallion Survivors to tie after shooting six points. Sure enough, they did match, extending the game to double overtime. In double overtime, No Big Deal scored four points, opening the door for Stallion Survivors to win the series. Stallion Survivors shot six points to win the series 4-0 and the 2014 KanJam Klassic. For Jon Sandino of Stallion Survivors, this was his first ever hammer title, and well earned. For Eric Klavoon, he becomes the first ever player to win a major KanJam tournament with three different partners, and is the all-time champion in both the KanJam World Championship and KanJam Klassic, with 6 titles in each (12 total hammer titles). Stallion Survivors become just the second team to sweep the Klassic Finals four games to none, with the other team being Dorkus Malorkus back in 2007. No Big Deal played outstanding, showcasing a terrific display in the 2014 KanJam Klassic and are applauded for their first Finals appearance.

And for the first time ever, every higher seed won each playoff round, with the #1 overall seed winning it all. The regular season seeds turned out to be what would be the overall standings.

Thanks goes out to all the participating teams who traveled from near and far to compete in this annual tradition. It was a great turnout, especially considering it was a holiday weekend. Year after year, the competition only seems to get better, and it truly is a tournament to look forward to. Also, thanks to everyone that helped with setup, take down, and helping run the tournament. The top four teams received their choice of prizes and there were also a few small prizes randomly raffled as well after the tournament. Here were the winners:

Top four teams:

  • KanJam Splash set, free entry into the 2014 KanJam World Championship - Eric Klavoon (1. Stallion Survivors)
  • KanJam Glow-In-The-Dark disc, free entry into the 2014 KanJam World Championship - Jon Sandino (1. Stallion Survivors)
  • KanJam Splash set - Matt Nelson (2. No Big Deal)
  • KanJam Glow-In-The-Dark disc - Shane Nelson (2. No Big Deal)
  • KanJam Mini set - Connor Vanderpool (3. The Hammer Bros)
  • KanJam Mini set - Shane Haley (3. The Hammer Bros)
  • Subway gift card - Jayce Grefrath (4. More Like Kan't Jam)
  • Applebees gift card - Kenny Campbell (4. More Like Kan't Jam)

Random Drawing of remaining small prizes:

  • Applebees gift card - Brian Schultz (What the)
  • Applebees gift card - Scott Silverman (Da Bubulas)
  • KanJam Mini discs - Brian Licht (Team Rebels)
  • KanJam Mini discs - Tim Klavoon (Jedi Masters)

All proceeds from the tournament were donated to "Carly's Club" at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Visit for more information regarding this charity. We already cannot wait until next year's Klassic! Until then...


Final Results

2019-2020 Buffalo, NY KanJam League Champion
Eric Klavoon
135-41 record

2019-2020 (Season 15)

Tie for points results in first tiebreaker for league title

It was fitting that in a milestone 15th season filled with several new records, the Buffalo, NY KanJam League came down to the closest finish in league history. Since 2005, this has been a random-draw league, where players are randomly paired up with a new partner each week, making for different matchups...

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