Team Domination
2013 KanJam World Champions
Team Domination
Mark Lopian & Bryan Irish-Jones

Team Domination back on top

Clarence, NY duo claims their second championship

On Saturday, August 10th, a nearly perfect day set the stage for the 2013 KanJam World Championship. Exactly 105 teams from across the country and Canada came to compete in the 24th annual tournament. Unlike the previous year, the weather was great, resulting in a very competitive route to crown this year's championship title.

In the end, Team Domination, composed of Mark Lopian and Bryan Irish-Jones, claimed victory by winning their second KanJam World Championship title, becoming just the 6th team ever to win multiple titles. They were the youngest team to win the crown back in 2008, and they defeated upstarts, Young Guns (Ajay Cybulski and Charles Rizzo), who at just 12 and 13 years old, came just two wins shy of becoming the youngest champions ever.


Josh Tonn & Mike Matikosh

For the third year, official referees were implemented to enforce rules and officiate games. Josh Tonn was back again in his 3rd year as ref, with Mike Matikosh and Andy Evans in their second year as refs. Each ref rotated throughout the divisions for the regular season to answer questions, make calls, and enforce rules. Greg Opalinski, a ref in the prior two years, also helped the refs determine all the playoff teams. The refs also officiated games throughout the playoffs. All referees have played KanJam for over nine years and have all made it to the playoffs in the World Championship in prior years.

105 teams
Paul Swisher, tournament coordinator, announces playoff teams

Once again, the general format was kept the same since 2009, with all 105 teams divided into two conferences; each conference was composed of two divisions (four divisions in total). Teams would only compete within their division for the regular season, playing every team once. Regular season games were played to regulation 21 points. Teams were given three and a half hours to complete all their regular season games (25-27 teams, depending on the division). Due to the high level of play, all teams were able to complete all their games with time to spare.


Official Ranks including Playoffs

1Team Domination426
2Young Guns3616
3No Big Deal357
5The Italian Stallions347
6Rebel Survivors2811
7Mint Berry Jammers2812
9The Hammer Bros.286
10The Schlotzskys276
11Team Covet258
12Square Grouper2511
14Six It2614
15Save Ferris2315
16Milo's Minions2514
17Kardiac Kids275
18Ultimate Bros238
19PW Dragons229
20The Standard219
21The Gentlemen of the Kan238
22Oh Yeah2210
23Skillz that Killz2311
24The Blue Table2312
25Team Diesel2113
26Plays Once A Year2014
27Gorgeous Malorkus2013
28Single-Handedly "Pretty Good"2113
29Alfredo Honey1915
30What The ....1815
31KanJam Thank You Ma'am!1817
32Disc in a Box1716


Determined by regular season seedings, playoff records, and regular season records against other playoff teams.


Regular Season Standings

1No Big Deal252
2Kardiac Kids252
3Ultimate Bros225
4The Gentlemen of the Kan225
7Milo's Minions198
8Disc Heads189
9Single-Handedly "Pretty Good"189
10The Goon Slayers1611
11The Band Jam1611
13PW Nighthawks1512
14In Your Kan1512
15Yes We Kan1512
16Jam out with your can out1413
17T & N Pops1314
19Mighty Kites1017
20That Whiskey Disc1017
21Pink Pandas720
22Dirty Slots720
23Long and Bent621
24The Lawn Boys621
25The Mountaineers522
26Hello Newman522
27#220 Slots it Plenty225


Ties decided by head-to-head play.
The top 12 teams from this division qualified for the playoffs, with the top four teams receiving a "bye" for the first round.


Regular Season Standings

1Team Domination241
2The Schlotzskys223
3Rebel Survivors214
4The Standard196
5Political Scientist178
6Tragically Tipped169
7Save Ferris169
8Plays Once A Year169
9Square and Tear169
11What The ....1510
12Disc in a Box1312
13About 5 Yards1312
14Bounce Out1312
15Why So Serious??1213
17Polish Hammers1114
18James Gang916
19Febreze Fresh Stud Muffins916
21Forbidden Bromance718
22Playground Legends718
2321 and Done718
24I Lika do da Cha Cha520
25It Ain't Easy Bein Jeezy223


Ties decided by head-to-head play.
The top 12 teams from this division qualified for the playoffs, with the top four teams receiving a "bye" for the first round.


Regular Season Standings

1The Italian Stallions252
2Team Covet225
3PW Dragons216
4Young Guns207
5Skillz that Killz207
6Big Macs198
7Six It198
8Modest Duos198
9Gorgeous Malorkus1710
10Boston Strong1611
11KanJam Thank You Ma'am!1512
12It's So Cold in The D1512
13Super Mac Bros.1413
14Those Tang Guys1314
15We Made It In1314
16BK Nuggets1314
17Backyard Kings1215
18Light Drizzle & Thunder1215
20The Cassel's1215
22Slot Machines1017
23The Kanimals720
23What's Kan Jam?720
26Hot Shots Part Deux522
27Filipino Mocha Chocolate Thunder324


Ties decided by head-to-head play.
The top 12 teams from this division qualified for the playoffs, with the top four teams receiving a "bye" for the first round.


Regular Season Standings

1The Hammer Bros.233
3Square Grouper206
4Mint Berry Jammers206
5Oh Yeah197
6More Like Kan't Jam197
7The Blue Table188
8Team Diesel179
9Sparkle Motion179
10Beltway Bucketeers179
11Alfredo Honey1610
12Hold my beer and watch this1412
13Just Ok1313
14Slottin' Seuss Pit1313
15Just Us1313
16Two guys one slot1115
17ROC-ford Peaches1115
18Ebony and Ivory1115
19Kan't Touch Disc1016
20Team Skooben917
22The French Toastmen818
23Cottonwood Slots818
25Team GingerJew422


Ties decided by head-to-head play.
The top 12 teams from this division qualified for the playoffs, with the top four teams receiving a "bye" for the first round.

Team Domination (Mark Lopian & Bryan Irish-Jones) lived up to their team name by posting the best record from the regular season for the second year in a row with a record of 24-1 from the Bucket Division. In this division, there were three former KanJam World Champions, and to no surprise, they finished the regular season as the number one, two (The Schlotzskys, Trevor Cole & Scott Johnson), and three (Rebel Survivors, Eric Klavoon & Dan Klavoon) seeds. Team Domination's only loss came to an Instant Win thrown by Alex Reinecke (Bounce Out), which was one of his three thrown on the day. After tying in record at 25-2 with Kardiac Kids (Joe Schillero & Dan Schillero from Ohio), No Big Deal (Matt Nelson & Shane Nelson) won the head-to-head game to finish the regular season as the top team in the Dinger Division. Over in the other conference, The Italian Stallions (Brian Ellis & Jon Sandino) also finished at 25-2 for the number one seed in the Deuce Division, while The Hammer Bros (Connor Vanderpool & Shane Haley) took the number one seed in the Hammer Division with a record of 23-3.

Unlike prior years, there actually were not any ties from the regular season that needed to be decided by a three-round, total points "shootout." All ties were determined by head-to-head play. In the Dinger Division, Ultimate Bros (Dan Alexander & Wes Rivais) finished as the #3 seed by winning the head-to-head play to break the three-way tie at 22-5. The Gentlemen of the Kan (#4 seed, Kieran Moyle & Kevin Collins from New Jersey) finished ahead of Sci-Fi (Walter Tiefel & Joe Gulotta) to claim the last "bye" for the first round of the playoffs. The largest tie was in the Bucket Division, with four teams locked at a record of 16-9. After looking at the head-to-head record, Tragically Tipped (Bob Greenauer & LeeAnn Greenauer) rounded out as the top team in this group, taking the #6 seed. Young Guns won their head-to-head matchup against Skillz that Killz (Mitchel Ryberg & Matthew Ryberg) to claim the last "bye team" seed (#4) in the Deuce Division. Also, Big Macs (Matt McDonald & Jim McDonald) won a three-way tie at 19-8 to take the #6 seed. Over in the Hammer Division, Team Diesel (Kurtis Hine & Keith Ford from Michigan) took the #8 seed, breaking the three-way tie at 17-9.

Wild Card Round
Divisional Playoffs action
Bob Greenauer (Tragically Tipped) goes for a Bucket in a series against What The....

Divisional Wild Card (best of 5) - With conclusion of the regular season, the stage was set for the playoffs. The top twelve teams from each division qualified for the playoffs, with the top four receiving a "bye" for the first round. For the first time, the Wild Card round was set up as a best of 5 series, as opposed to a best of 3 series like in previous years. There were a total of six upsets in the first round, out of the 16 total games. With the exception of just one series, all the higher seeds moved on in the Dinger Division. The only upset was between the #8 and #9 seeds, with the #9 seed (Single-Handedly "Pretty Good" composed of Sean Nosky & Eric Egger) winning their series. In the Bucket Division, the last playoff seeded team (Disc in a Box, #12 seed - Alana Chantry & Cletus Gavin from Toronto, Canada) defeated #5 seed, Political Scientist (Jeff Martin & Jarrod Craft from Kentucky). In a close series, What The.... (Brian Schultz & Derek Schultz, #11 seed) took down Tragically Tipped, #6 seed, 3-2. KanJam Thank You Ma'am (Evan Crahen & Rob Stephan, #11 seed) defeated Big Macs (#6 seed) in the Deuce Division in five games. Gorgeous Malorkus (#9 seed), a team composed of Josh Greenauer & Eric Bodenstedt, topped Modest Duos (#8 seed, Nathan Mailly & Derek Green) in just three games. And in the Hammer Division, Alfredo Honey (Avery Devoe & Andrew Devoe from Pennsylvania) became the third #11 seed to defeat the #6 seed (More Like Kan't Jam, Kenny Campbell & Jayce Grefrath) in the first round, by winning their series 3-2. Check out the full playoff bracket below for all the results from this round and the rest of the playoffs.

Divisional Quarter-Finals
The top four BYE teams entered the mix, playing the winners of Round 1 in a best of 5 series

Divisional Quarter-Finals (best of 5) - The top four teams from each division entered the playoffs to play the winners from Round 1. The #2 and #3 seeds were knocked out by their counterparts in the Dinger Division. Milo's Minions (#7 seed, Adam Williams & Nate Schutt), who were runners-up in the 2011 KanJam World Championship, defeated Kardiac Kids, 3-2. Philsmania (Dave Ryley & Aaron Ryley, #6 seed) won their series against #3 seed, Ultimate Bros. In the Bucket Division, all three prior World Champion teams advanced while #9 seed, Save Ferris (Robert Sullivan & Michael Sullivan) upset the #4 seed, The Standard (Brad Irish-Jones & Matt Irish-Jones), 3-2. Six It (Lennox Feldman & Sam Caquias, #7 seed) knocked out #3 seed, PW Dragons (Kory Wood & Greg Barrett). There were no upsets in the Hammer Division, with all the top four teams proving their worth by advancing to the next round.

Divisional Semi-Finals
Square Grouper (shown here) takes on Slackers in a close series

Divisional Semi-Finals (best of 5) - No Big Deal (#1) continued their hot streak in the Dinger Division, sweeping their second straight series by defeating Milo's Minions (#7). Sci-Fi (#5) took out Philsmania (#6), 3-1. In the Bucket Division, Team Domination (#1) topped Save Ferris (#7) in four games. In a highly anticpated matchup, defending World Champions, The Schlotzskys (#2), faced 3-time World Champions, Rebel Survivors (#3). After trailing in the series 2-1, Rebel Survivors rebounded to win the final two games to knock out the defending champs and end their bid for a repeat title. In the Deuce Division, The Italian Stallions (#1) won their series against Six It (#7), 3-1. Young Guns (#4) upset Team Covet (#2 seed, Jayson Combs & Mike Lovitt from Michigan) in just three games. The Hammer Bros (#1) were the only #1 seed to be knocked out this round, losing their series to Mint Berry Jammers (#4 seed, Brian Keeth & Andy DiFronzo from Pennsylvania), 3-2 in the Hammer Division. In the final matchup, Slackers (#2 seed, Jim Daugherty & Kim Daugherty) defeated #2 seed, Square Grouper (Jamey Finochio & Brett Laduke), in a close series (3-2) with every game going to overtime.

Divisional Finals
Champions vs Champions
Dan Klavoon of Rebel Survivors goes for a Dinger

Divisional Finals (best of 7) - With just 8 teams left, there were two teams remaining from each division. Both #1 seeds advanced in the American KanJam Conference (Dinger & Bucket). No Big Deal (#1) took down Sci-Fi (#5), 4-1 to advance to the Conference Finals for the first time. For the second straight playoff round, another battle of World Champions took place. In impressive fashion, Team Domination (#1) defeated 3-time World Champions, Rebel Survivors (#3), 4-1, in their fourth time facing each other in the playoffs of the World Championship. In doing so, an incredible streak of 10 consecutive years in the Final 4 by Eric Klavoon (Rebel Survivors/Sole Survivors, 2003-2012) has come to an end. Dan Klavoon's (Rebel Survivors/Team Rebels) streak of Final 4 appearances has also come to an end at 6 years (2007-2012).

Young Guns
Divisional Finals
Game 7 - Overtime

Ajay Cybulski of Young Guns makes the throw

In the National KanJam Conference (Deuce Division), the closest series of the entire tournament took place. The Italian Stallions (#1) battled with Young Guns (#4) until the series was tied at 3-3. After closing out game 7, The Italian Stallions forced overtime. Young Guns shot six points to put on the pressure. The Italian Stallions came just short, scoring four points and ultimately being knocked out. In the other division from this conference (Hammer), Slackers (#2) defeated Mint Berry Jammers (#4), 4-2, to advance to the Final 4 for the first time. In doing so, Kim Daugherty becomes just the second female in the history of the KanJam World Championship to make it to the Final 4, joining LeeAnn Greenauer who made it to the Final 4 back in 2006 & 2010.

Conference Finals
Kim Daugherty (Slackers) makes a tip in their series against Young Guns

Final 4 (Conference Finals, best of 7) - Now with only four teams left, the top team from each division would meet to determine the winner of each conference. In the American KanJam Conference, both #1 seeds from their respective divisions remained. No Big Deal, Dinger Division champion, would face Team Domination, Bucket Division champion, for a chance to advance to the World Championship Finals. To this point, both teams dominated the playoffs. No Big Deal was 10-1 and Team Domination was 10-3 in playoff games. Team Domination earned their spot in the Finals by defeating No Big Deal in just four games.

In the National KanJam Conference, Deuce Division champion, Young Guns (#4) would go up against Hammer Division champion, Slackers (#2). For both teams, it was their first appearance in the Final 4 of the KanJam World Championship. Young Guns got out to an early 2-0 series lead, but then Slackers rebounded to tie the series at 2-2. However, Young Guns went on to win the next two games to advance, becoming the youngest team ever to make it to the KanJam World Championship Finals.

World Championship Finals
Team Domination vs Young Guns
Charles Rizzo (Young Guns) tips a bucket in a Finals game

KanJam World Championship Finals (best of 7) - Back in 2008, Mark Lopian was just 17 and Bryan Irish-Jones was only 16 when Team Domination won their first World Championship. Five years later, they would be facing a new upstart team in Young Guns, at just 12 (Ajay Cybalski) and 13 (Charles Rizzo), in the 2013 KanJam World Championship Finals. This was the third Finals appearance for Team Domination, and second in a row, having lost in overtime in Game 7 in last year's Finals. Without a doubt, Young Guns were the underdog in this matchup, but they certainly put on an impressive show.

Young Guns had the Hammer for Game 1 to start the series, getting out to 17-16 lead. Team Domination converted the much needed five-point round on Mark's clutch deuce shot, forcing Young Guns to score four points to tie. Sure enough, Young Guns scored four points to send Game 1 to overtime. Team Domination put the pressure on with six points in overtime, but Young Guns did not let the pressure get to them, scoring six points to force a second overtime round. After putting up another six point round, Team Domination again forced Young Guns to tie. The first throw was low, resulting in an Instant Win attempt by Charles. Unable to throw an Instant Win, Team Domination took an early 1-0 series lead. In Game 2, Young Guns got out to a 17-15 lead, with the Hammer, thanks to some good throws and even a flip up bucket by Ajay. Team Domination converted double buckets to get to 21. Young Guns once again got four points, resulting in another overtime game. This time, Team Domination only scored two points, giving Young Guns the opportunity to cash in. With one point on the first throw, Charles threw a perfect throw back to score a bucket and tie the series at 1-1. Moving on to Game 3, Team Domination started with a 10-6 lead. They would go on to a 20-16 lead, forcing Young Guns to get a five-point round to stay alive in the game. With Young Guns unable to get five points, Team Domination finished the game with the last point, propelling them ahead in the series at 2-1.

2013 KanJam World Championship Finals
World Championship Finals
Game 6

Bryan Irish-Jones (Team Domination) slams the final point to win the 2013 KanJam World Championship

In Game 4, Team Domination started with just two points, opening the doors for Young Guns to get back in the series. Even still, Team Domination was able to take a 20-12 lead. Young Guns came back with six points and eventually would tie the game up at 21-21, resulting in the third overtime game. Some really good throws by both teams set up another 6-6 overtime, sending this crucial game into round two of overtime. Team Domination scored another six points in round two. With a miss on the first throw, Young Guns Instant Win attempt was unsuccessful, giving Team Domination a commanding 3-1 series lead. Down 10-3 in Game 5, Charles flipped up a bucket and tossed a perfect throw back, putting Young Guns back in the game. Team Domination then took a 18-15 lead with some good throws. With the Hammer, Young Guns had some good tips to score six points to bring the series in reach at 3-2. In Game 6, Team Domination had a string of four consecutive buckets to start the game. Young Guns tied the game at 12-12 on a really good deflection from Ajay. Young Guns put on the pressure, taking a 18-15 lead. With the Hammer, Team Domination needed a six-point round to win. However, they only got one point on the first throw, and another three points on the return throw, giving Young Guns the chance to tie the game with a bucket. Unable to get a bucket on the first throw, Charles threw the disc back, but it hit the goal for a deuce, coming up just a point short of closing out at 21. Only needing two points, Team Domination got the final two dingers to win the series 4-2 and lock up their second World Championship title.

Team Domination joins an exclusive group of teams to win multiple KanJam World Championship titles, becoming just the 6th team ever to accomplish the feat. In fact, of those teams, they are the only one to have done it with a gap of at least two years between their last title. This is largely due to many back-to-back titles by the other teams in this group. In addition to winning their own 2013 KanJam World Championship "Hammer" trophy to keep, they each won a $250 gift card to Olympia Sports, a new KanJam mini game set, and KanJam glow kit. Prizes for other top teams were also awarded. Young Guns will certainly be a team to watch in the future, as they played extremely well under pressure situations.

A MILESTONE EVENT is next year, and you don't want to miss it. Next year (2014), will mark the 25th KanJam World Championship! Make sure to be there to celebrate and compete in this milestone year. We also hope to see many former champions come out to compete and be recognized. Please SAVE THE DATE! The 2014 KanJam World Championship will take place on Saturday, August 9th, 2014. This date is reserved, so teams can go ahead and save this date on their calendars. As mentioned before, to keep it easy for planning purposes, the KanJam World Championship will always take place on the second Saturday in August. We sure hope to see everyone back for another chance at becoming KanJam World Champions. Be there to be a part of KanJam history in the 25th annual KanJam World Championship.

With great weather and a good representation of teams from many states and Canadian provinces, the KanJam World Championship was a huge success this year. This annual tradition cannot be possible without the dedication of diehard jammers and spectators that traveled from near and far. On behalf of KanJam, Charlie and Mitch would like to thank everyone involved for a great tournament. This also includes all coordinators, volunteers, referees, and sponsors that make this tournament a highly anticipated event every year. Proceeds from the 2013 KanJam World Championship benefited Make-A-Wish Foundation and the North Tonawanda Police Athletic League. KanJam looks forward to seeing everyone next year at the 2014 KanJam World Championship!

Playoff Bracket
Playoff Bracket
2013 KanJam World Championship

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