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2018 Results

Matteson Brothers
2018 KanJam Klassic Champions
Matteson Brothers
Connor Matteson & Austin Matteson

Matteson Brothers win their 2nd Klassic title

A thrilling Finals featured a battle of the brothers

A total of 31 teams competed in the 2018 KanJam Klassic indoors at Sportsplex in North Tonawanda, NY on Saturday, April 28th. This marked the 15th year for the tournament, featuring many top teams, including the last three World Champions, and the last four Klassic Champions.

After claiming the #2 seed from their division, Matteson Brothers (Austin Matteson & Connor Matteson) defeated Pulaski (Alexander Allport & Ken Isgar), Team 6 it (Lenny Feldman & Sam Caquias), and then The Benchwarmers (David Morrison & Marcus Middleton) to advance to the Finals. In the Klassic Finals, in a battle of the brothers, Matteson Brothers ultimately prevailed, defeating Skillz that Killz (Mitch Ryberg & Matt Ryberg) four games to two. For the Matteson Brothers, they become just the fifth team to win the KanJam Klassic multiple times.



Official Ranks including Playoffs

1Matteson Brothers285
2Skillz that Killz2815
3The Benchwarmers199
4The Kan-tina Jammers2217
5No Big Deal186
6Team 6 it168
8Young Guns1914
9Stallion Survivors176
11Game of Throws158
12Show Me Some Leg Vol II129
13Milo's Minions139
14Burnardo Bucket Boys1310
16American Creation913
17Just Tap It In99
18Mother Chuckers910
19Maximum Effort910
20Dos Amigos1011
21Sweet Buttered Crumpets711
22The French Toastmen1011
23Disciples of St jam812
24The Parliament612
25Ebony & Ivory510
26Mandalorian Fire511
27Nutter Butter511
28Ecto 1312
29The Flying Gary's313
30Lt Dan-Jam213
31Blame Ian115


Determined by final finish, regular season seedings, playoff records, and regular season records against playoff teams.


Dinger Division

1Stallion Survivors142
3Game of Throws124
4Show Me Some Leg Vol II115
5Skillz that Killz115
7The Kan-tina Jammers106
8Young Guns97
9Maximum Effort97
10Dos Amigos88
11The French Toastmen88
12Disciples of St jam79
13Mandalorian Fire511
14Nutter Butter511
15The Flying Gary's313
16Blame Ian115


Ties decided by head-to-head play.
The top 12 teams from this division qualified for the playoffs.


Deuce Division

1No Big Deal132
2Matteson Brothers123
3Team 6 it123
4The Benchwarmers114
5Milo's Minions105
6Just Tap It In96
7Burnardo Bucket Boys96
8Mother Chuckers87
10Sweet Buttered Crumpets78
11American Creation69
12The Parliament69
13Ebony & Ivory510
14Ecto 1312
15Lt Dan-Jam213


Ties decided by head-to-head play.
The top 12 teams from this division qualified for the playoffs.


Traditionally, the KanJam Klassic has always been an indoors tournament. With no worry of wind, rain, or mud, this always results in a competitive tournament and quite the battle for the Klassic title. This year's Klassic kept the same format, with the 31 teams randomly divided into two divisions. In the Regular Season, the Dinger Division (Red) consisted of 16 teams, and the Deuce Division (Yellow) had a total of 15 teams. There were plenty of perfect games, Instant Wins, and overtime games played in the Regular Season. To highlight a few: Chris Southwick (Mother Chuckers) threw a tournament-leading four Instant Wins in the Regular Season. Tying a record for the longest game in Regular Season play in the Klassic, Matteson Brothers defeated No Big Deal (Matt Nelson & Shane Nelson) in a game that went to seven overtime rounds, with Mattesons throwing perfect buckets in overtime to seal the win. Other long games were Stallion Survivors (2-time Klassic & World Champions, Eric Klavoon & Jon Sandino) beating PhiLorkus (2013 Klassic Champions, Josh Greenauer & Phil Schneider) in five overtime rounds, while Slackers (Jim Daugherty & Kim Klavoon) also defeated PhiLorkus in another game that went to four overtime rounds.

Stallion Survivors earned the top seed in the Dinger Division from the Regular Season, going 14-2. Their two losses came at the hands of a first throw, Instant Win by The Flying Gary's (Dominyc Glabien & Thomas Colucci) and Slackers in overtime. PhiLorkus was behind them as the #2 seed with a record of 13-3, followed by Game of Throws (Bob Greenauer, 4-time KanJam Klassic & World Champion, & Scott Silverman) at 12-4. Since the top four teams from each division earned a bye for the first round of the playoffs, this resulted in a three-way tie for the final bye spot in this division. Show Me Some Leg Vol II (Chad Cowell & Kim Miller), Skillz that Killz, and Slackers all tied with a record of 11-5. However, Show Me Some Leg Vol II beat both their counterparts in head-to-head play to break the tie, landing them the #4 seed and the last bye spot.

31 teams
This marked the 15th annual KanJam Klassic major tournament

In the Deuce Division, No Big Deal was the top seed with a record of 13-2, losing their two games to Matteson Brothers (in seven overtime rounds) and to The Benchwarmers (in three overtime rounds). Matteson Brothers tied with Team 6 it (Lenny Feldman & Sam Caquias) at 12-3, but Matteson Brothers beat Team 6 it in head-to-head play to claim the #2 seed. The last bye spot belonged to The Benchwarmers, as they finished the Regular Season with a record of 11-4 for the #4 seed.


Divisional Wild Card Round (best of 5) - After the Regular Season ended, all teams handed in their team clipboards, and playoff seedings were announced. Once again, no shootouts were needed, and all ties were broken by head-to-head play. For the playoffs, all teams competed within their division only, with the top seed playing the bottom seed in best-of series, until only one team remained in each division to meet up in the Klassic Finals.

Seeds #5-#12 faced off in the Divisional Wild Card Round, with the top four teams sitting out after earning their bye. In the Dinger Division, all the higher seeds won their series to advance. After splitting the first two games, Skillz that Killz (#5) won the next two games to knock out Disciples of St jam (#12, Scott Sendlak and Michael Sweeney), 3-1. In a very close series, The French Toastmen (#11 seed, Glenn Colton, 2-time World Champion, & Adam Colton) took an early 2-0 series lead on Slackers (#6), including a perfect game in Game 2. However, after Slackers hit a clutch deuce to win Game 3, they went on to win the following games to complete the comeback and win the series 3-2. In another great match, The Kan-tina Jammers (#7, Jayce Grefrath & Alex Reinecke) took an early 2-0 series lead on #10 seed, Dos Amigos (Jeff Clemo & Matt Lafferty). Dos Amigos fought back, winning the next two games to tie up the series and set up a deciding Game 5. The Kan-tina Jammers prevailed, winning Game 5 and the series, 3-2 to advance. In the final matchup, Young Guns (#8 seed, 2017 Klassic and World Champions, Charles Rizzo & Ajay Cybulski) swept the #9 seed, Maximum Effort (James LaJoie & Jarrod Barker), 3-0 to move on.

Klassic logo

In the Deuce Division, there were two upsets in the first round of the playoffs. American Creation (#11, Robert Boyd & Mike Saladyga) knocked out Just Tap It In (#6, John Little & Tyler Martin) in a 3-0 series sweep. In a matchup featuring the #8 seed (Mother Chuckers, Chris Southwick & Gabe Southwick) vs the #9 seed (Pulaski), Chris Southwick threw yet another Instant Win, his 5th of the day, but Pulaski went on to win the series 3-1 to advance. In the remaining matchups, the higher seed won to advance. Milo's Minions, #5 (Adam Williams & Nate Schutt) swept The Parliament, #12 (Justin Sims & Curtis Dorian), 3-0, including an overtime win in the series. In the final matchup, in another 3-0 series sweep, Burnardo Bucket Boys (#7, TJ Burns & Evan Sardo) beat Sweet Buttered Crumpets (#10, Tim Klavoon & Josh Tonn), including a double overtime win in Game 2.


Divisional Quarter-Finals (best of 7) - For the remainder of the playoffs, all series were best of 7. With eight teams remaining in each division, the top four teams entered the playoffs to face the winners from the Wild Card Round. It was a different story for each division in this round. One one side, all the top seeds won, including three of the matchups as sweeps. On the other side, all the lower seeds won, including three matchups that went the distance to a deciding Game 7. For the Dinger Division, these upsets marked the first time ever, where all the top seeds (bye teams) were eliminated in a single round of the playoffs.

Stallion Survivors (#1) vs Young Guns (#8) - In the Dinger Division, the defending Klassic Champs, Young Guns (#8), took on the 2-time Klassic Champs, Stallion Survivors (#1) for the first time ever. Young Guns got out to an early 2-0 series lead. Stallion Survivors closed out Game 3, forcing an Instant Win attempt. On the very last throw, Ajay Cybulski threw a clutch Instant Win through the slot, giving Young Guns a commanding 3-0 series lead. Having been one of just three games ever to come back to win after trailing 3-0, Stallion Survivors flipped the series by winning the next three games, tying the series up 3-3 and forcing a deciding Game 7. In the final game, Stallion Survivors led 16-9 following a controversial play resulting in a rare re-throw. On their next turn, Ajay threw yet another Instant Win through the slot to seal the series victory 4-3 for Young Guns to advance.

PhiLorkus (#2) vs The Kan-tina Jammers (#7) - PhiLorkus won Game 1 in double overtime to take an early 1-0 series lead. The Kan-tina Jammers followed up by winning the next two games to lead 2-1, but PhiLorkus won Game 4 with a perfect game to tie the series 2-2. The remaning three games were all decided in overtime. The Kan-tina Jammers won Game 5 in overtime, and PhiLorkus won Game 6 in triple overtime to tie the series again and force a deciding Game 7. The Kan-tina Jammers won Game 7 in four overtime rounds to knock out the #2 seed and advance.

Game of Throws (#3) vs Slackers (#6) - This series also went the distance, with four of the seven games going to overtime. Game of Throws won the first two games, including an overtime win in Game 2 to take a 2-0 series lead. Slackers rebounded to win the next two games to tie up the series 2-2, including a clutch deuce by Jim Daugherty and an overtime win in Game 4. Game of Throws won Game 5 in overtime, taking a 3-2 series lead. However, Jim threw two more deuces to win the next two games for Slackers when they needed it, including one in overtime to win the last two games. Slackers won the series 4-3 and eliminated the #3 seed, Game of Throws.

Show Me Some Leg Vol II (#4) vs Skillz that Killz (#5) - Four games in this series went to overtime. Skillz that Killz won the first three games, including a perfect game in Game 1, and a double overtime win in both Game 2 and Game 3, taking a 3-0 series lead. Show Me Some Leg Vol II won Game 4 in overtime to stay alive in the series, but Skillz that Killz came back to beat them in Game 5 in a hard fought triple overtime to win the series 4-1.

2018 Klassic - 4th Place
The Kan-tina Jammers

Alex Reinecke & Jayce Grefrath

Unlike the other division, all the top seeds in the Deuce Division won their series to advance.

No Big Deal (#1) vs American Creation (#11) - Nothing crazy here, just a clean 4-0 series sweep by No Big Deal to advance.

Matteson Brothers (#2) vs Pulaski (#9) - Matteson Brothers started the series with a 2-0 lead, after winning Game 2 in overtime. Following that, Matteson Brothers threw two straight perfect games to sweep the series 4-0 and advance.

Team 6 it (#3) vs Burnardo Bucket Boys (#7) - Team 6 it won Game 1 in double overtime, and then threw two straight perfect games to take a 3-0 series lead. Burnardo Bucket Boys stayed alive by winning Game 4, but Team 6 it came right back to win Game 5 to lock up the series win, 4-1.

The Benchwarmers (#4) vs Milo's Minions (#5) - This series included the longest game from the playoffs in the 2018 KanJam Klassic. After winning Game 1, The Benchwarmers won a tough battle in Game 2 in five overtime rounds to take a 2-0 series lead. They went on to beat Milo's Minions in overtime again in Game 3, and also double overtime in Game 4 to sweep the series 4-0 to advance.


Divisional Semi-Finals (best of 7) - Only eight teams remained total, with four left in each division. Here are the matchups from the Dinger Division:

Skillz that Killz (#5) vs Young Guns (#8) - No question, this series was the closest from this round. Both teams had some great series previously in the playoffs of the KanJam World Championship, so this setup a rubber match between this somewhat new KanJam rivalry. In a back and forth series, it ultimately led to a 3-3 series tie and a second straight Game 7 for Young Guns. In Game 7, Skillz that Killz threw a perfect game, but Young Guns matched them with just one catch to close out in the minimum rounds as well. In the first round of overtime, Skillz that Killz put the pressure on with six points after a great slam by Matt Ryberg. Young Guns matched with six points, sending Game 7 to double overtime. Both teams matched four points in double overtime, extending the game yet again. In triple overtime, Skillz that Killz put up another six point round. On the first throw by Young Guns, they were only able to get one point, setting up an Instant Win attempt. Although Charles Rizzo did hit the goal on his return throw, Young Guns could not get the Instant Win this time, resulting in a well earned series victory for Skillz that Killz, 4-3. Skillz that Killz advanced to the Final 4 for the first time after knocking out the defending Klassic Champions.

Slackers (#6) vs The Kan-tina Jammers (#7) - The Kan-tina Jammers started the series by winning Game 1, but Slackers came back to tie the series 1-1 after a clutch deuce once again by Jim Daugherty. After winning Game 3, The Kan-tina Jammers held a 2-1 series lead. In a pivotal moment in the series, Jayce Grefrath threw an Instant Win through the slot in Game 4, providing The Kan-tina Jammers with a commanding 3-1 series lead. Slackers won the next game in overtime to bring the series in reach at 3-2, but The Kan-tina Jammers followed that by winning Game 6 to close out the series 4-2. For Jayce, it marked his third time advancing to the Final 4 of the Klassic, having previously done so with prior partner, Kenny Campbell, as More Like Kan't Jam. For Alex Reinecke, it is his first trip to the Final 4.

2018 Klassic - 3rd Place
The Benchwarmers

Marcus Middleton & David Morrison

No Big Deal (#1) vs The Benchwarmers (#4) - In the Deuce Division, the top seed was knocked out this round after a well played series by their opponents. This marked the second straight Klassic that these two teams met late in the playoffs. Last year, it was No Big Deal that won, but The Benchwarmers got their revenge this year. No Big Deal won Game 1 with a perfect game to take a 1-0 series lead. The Benchwarmers then went on a tear, throwing four straight perfect games to knock out the #1 seed 4-1 and advance to the Final 4 of the Klassic for the first time. This also ended No Big Deal's bid to make it to the Klassic Finals for a third straight year, having made the Klassic Finals in both 2016 and 2017. All five games in this series were perfect games, showcasing how well these teams played.

Matteson Brothers (#2) vs Team 6 it (#3) - In Game 1, Matteson Brothers continued their streak, throwing a perfect game in Game 1 to take a 1-0 series lead. Matteson Brothers threw their fourth straight perfect game (carried over from the prior series) in Game 2. However, Team 6 it kept pace this time, extending the game to overtime. Matteson Brothers stayed perfect through double overtime, where they eventually won to take a 2-0 series lead. While their streak of perfect games was snapped in Game 3, Matteson Brothers battled Team 6 it in four overtime rounds, winning again for a 3-0 lead in the series. Matteson Brothers also won Game 4, sweeping their second straight series 4-0 to advance. For the Matteson Brothers, as a team, it is their 3rd trip to the Final 4 of the Klassic in the last four years; also, they were only team in this year's Final 4 to have made it there before. For Austin Matteson, it is his 4th straight Final 4 appearance in the Klassic, having made it the prior year under the team Der Geheime Bruder with partner Evan Sardo.

Teams compete in "best-of" series

Video of Playoffs action

Final 4 (Divisional Finals, best of 7) - The two teams left in each division faced each other to determine the Division winner.

Skillz that Killz (#5) vs The Kan-tina Jammers (#7) - In the Dinger Division, Skillz that Killz took an early 2-0 series lead after winning the first two games. In Game 3, The Kan-tina Jammers fought back to win in triple overtime, bringing the series in reach at 2-1. However, Skillz that Killz kept up their consistency, winning the following two games to clinch the series 4-2, advancing to the Klassic Finals for the first time.

Matteson Brothers (#2) vs The Benchwarmers (#4) - In the Deuce Division, Game 1 was a well fought battle to gain early momentum. The game went to four overtime rounds before Matteson Brothers won, going perfect the whole way. Matteson Brothers went on to win Game 2 and 3, taking a 3-0 series lead. In Game 4, Matteson Brothers shot perfect again, but The Benchwarmers kept up to force overtime. Matteson Brothers won in double overtime, sweeping their third straight playoffs series 4-0, and advancing to the Klassic Finals for the second time. Heading into the Klassic Finals, Matteson Brothers carried a perfect 12-0 record with six perfect games thrown in the playoffs.

2018 KanJam Klassic Finals
Matteson Brothers (#2, Deuce Division) vs. Skillz that Killz (#5, Dinger Division)
Full Finals series

The 2018 KanJam Klassic Finals featured a matchup of the top remaining team from each division. Coincidentally, both teams were brothers, setting up a battle of the brothers in the Finals. Representing the Dinger Division was the #5 seed, Skillz that Killz, in their first appearance in the Finals of a major KanJam tournament. From the Deuce Division was Matteson Brothers, the #2 seed, who had won the Klassic two years before in 2016. This also marked the second straight year with a full video production for the Klassic Finals, and first to feature a referee (Mike Matikosh), play-by-play announcers (Adam Williams & Jayce Grefrath), and a scoreboard. Here is a summary of how the 2018 KanJam Klassic Finals went:

Game 1 - Skillz that Killz won the toss to start the series and chose The Hammer (last throw). Matteson Brothers got out to a commanding 12-2 lead to start with four straight buckets. Skillz that Killz returned with five points, trailing 12-7. Matteson Brothers got a bucket, but then only one on the return throw for a 16-7 lead. With two perfect throws back, Skillz that Killz hit double buckets to bring the game in reach, still trailing 16-13, but with The Hammer. On the next throw for Matteson Brothers, Connor Matteson threw an Instant Win through the slot to win Game 1 and take a 1-0 series lead.

Game 2 - Matteson Brothers would start Game 2, as Skillz that Killz elected to throw second again as losers from Game 1. Austin Matteson made a good slam for a bucket on the first throw, and followed it with a good return throw for a bucket to lead 6-0. Mitch Ryberg (Skillz that Killz) made a great play to slam a bucket as well, and Skillz that Killz quickly tied it up 6-6 on the return throw with double buckets of their own. After four points by Matteson Brothers, Skillz that Killz kept perfect with another six points after Matt Ryberg made a nice deflection to take the lead 12-10. Matteson Brothers only got three points the following round on a rare errant throw, leading 13-12. Skillz that Killz followed with a deuce and then a bucket to take a 17-13 lead, putting them in the driver's seat with The Hammer. Matteson Brothers could not hit an Instant Win, and instead got four points to tie the game at 17-17. Skillz that Killz got a bucket on the first throw, and with the return throw headed right at the goal, Matt Ryberg made a great play to tip the disc in front of the goal for a dinger, locking up a Game 2 victory 21-17, and tying up the series 1-1.

Mitch Ryberg (Skillz that Killz) makes the throw

Game 3 - Keeping with their usual strategy of going first to put the pressure on, Matteson Brothers elected to throw first in Game 3 rather than take The Hammer. After matching 4-4, Matteson Brothers put up double buckets to take a 10-4 lead. Skillz that Killz returned the favor, making two great plays to tie the game up 10-10. With a bucket on the first throw, the return throw the next round was deflected by Connor Matteson, but it hit the top of the goal and bounced off, resulting in only four points. Skillz that Killz returned with two perfect throws, taking a 16-14 lead and carrying the momentum with having the last throw. But that momentum was very short-lived, as Connor Matteson threw his second Instant Win of the Finals on the next throw to steal the victory and take a 2-1 series lead for Matteson Brothers. Connor Matteson is only the second player to throw an Instant Win (now two of them) in the Klassic Finals. The only other Instant Win in the Klassic Finals happened back in 2006, where Eric Klavoon (Sole Surivors) threw one against Dorkus Malorkus.

Austin Matteson (Matteson Brothers) watches as the disc is thrown into the slot for their second Instant Win of the series

Game 4 - After Skillz that Killz looked to be on their way to a series lead, they instead trailed in the series 2-1 heading into Game 4 at the hands of already two Instant Wins. Matteson Brothers were locked in, taking an early 12-3 lead in Game 4 after two perfect rounds of buckets. Needing a bounce-back round to stay in it, Mitch Ryberg got low to make a bucket, and then Matt Ryberg made a huge play - after tipping the disc at the goal, the disc bounced around the top rim of the goal before finally falling in; a dramatic, yet much needed play in a big spot. Leading 12-9, Matteson Brothers stayed in the zone with two more perfect throws, adding to their lead 18-9. Skillz that Killz returned with another double buckets to stay alive, trailing by 18-15. Matteson Brothers closed out with a bucket 21-15, but Skillz that Killz got the six points they needed to tie the game at 21-21 and send it to overtime. After getting three points on the first throw, Matteson Brothers only got one point on the return throw, putting up four points in overtime. Skillz that Killz stayed hot, throwing another six pack to win the game in overtime 6-4, and tie up the series at 2-2.

Matt Ryberg (Skillz that Killz) makes a big play to keep them in the game in a crucial spot

Game 5 - Matteson Brothers deferred The Hammer again as usual, electing to throw first. They got out to another big lead, putting the pressure on with a 12-4 lead in Game 5 after perfect buckets. With just three points total the next round, Skillz that Killz trailed 12-7. Austin Matteson tipped another bucket on the first throw to lead 15-7, but Connor Matteson caught the return throw that was a little wide to set them up for the next round. Skillz that Killz got four points, still trailing 15-11. Both Austin and Connor Matteson made great slams the next round to close out 21-11, forcing Skillz that Killz into an Instant Win attempt. Although Mitch Ryberg's throw was at the perfect slot height and hit the goal on the final throw, it was just a little to the left, just missing an Instant Win. Matteson Brothers won Game 5 by a score of 21-11, leading the series 3-2.

Game 6 - After matching perfect buckets at a score of 6-6, Connor's first throw was low, resulting in just one point, but he redeemed on the next play by slamming in a bucket from the left side, taking a 10-6 lead. Skillz that Killz put up two perfect throws and buckets to follow, taking a 12-10 lead. Both teams matched perfect buckets again, with Skillz that Killz now leading 18-16. Matteson Brothers could not convert the five-point round they needed, and instead settling for three points to take a 19-18 lead. Only needing three points to tie up the series 3-3, Skillz that Killz were again in control. The first throw was a little low, and not risking it, Mitch Ryberg wisely caught the throw. On the return throw back, Matt Ryberg slammed the disc, but it bounced off the top of the goal for only one point, a tough break for Skillz that Killz. This opened the door for Matteson Brothers, as they were given a second chance to close out, trailing 19-19. Both teams converted the two points needed, closing out 21-21, and sending Game 6 to overtime. Matteson Brothers slammed two buckets to put pressure on with six points. On the first throw, Mitch Ryberg only got one point as the slammed disc hit again off the top of the goal for only one point, setting up an Instant Win attempt. Unable to get the Instant Win, Matteson Brothers won the series 4-2.

Connor Matteson (Matteson Brothers) gets ready to make the throw

Matteson Brothers become just the fifth team to win the KanJam Klassic multiple times, earning their second title in the last three years. They posted an overall tournament record of 28-5, but their playoff record of 16-2 was even more impressive. Skillz that Killz earned their honors as the second place team, going head-to-head with Matteson Brothers in a very well-played Finals. Congrats to The Benchwarmers and The Kan-tina Jammers on third and fourth place finishes in their first trips to the Klassic Final 4.

No question, this was one of the more entertaining Klassic Finals to date, featuring two Instant Wins and two games that went to overtime. Officially, there were no perfect games thrown in the Finals; however, Matteson Brothers did throw perfect to 21 in Game 4, they just did not stay perfect into overtime.

Matteson Brothers are awarded the Klassic Hammer trophy

At the conclusion of the Finals, the top four teams were all presented with an official 2018 KanJam Klassic medal (with their placement) and display case. Matteson Brothers were then given the "The Hammer" trophy. Traditionally, this has always been the main prize for this tournament, as the winning team is responsible for carving their team name and year onto the handle and bringing it back for next year's tournament. Top four teams also received their choice of gift cards (see below), while other random drawings were held for remaining players (choice from KanJam prizes or assortment of gift cards).

2018 KanJam Klassic Top 4
Skillz that Killz (Runners-Up), Matteson Brothers (Klassic Champions), The Benchwarmers (3rd Place), and The Kan-tina Jammers (4th Place)

Bottom: Mitch Ryberg, Matt Ryberg, Connor Matteson, Austin Matteson
Top: David Morrison, Marcus Middleton, Alex Reinecke, Jayce Grefrath

Top four teams:

  • KanJam Klassic Hammer trophy, free entry into the 2018 KanJam World Championship (1. Matteson Brothers)
  • Champions medal & display case, $25 Amazon gift card - Austin Matteson (1. Matteson Brothers)
  • Champions medal & display case, $25 Applebees gift card - Connor Matteson (1. Matteson Brothers)
  • 2nd Place medal & display case, $25 Darden gift card - Mitch Ryberg (2. Skillz that Killz)
  • 2nd Place medal & display case, $25 Regal gift card - Matt Ryberg (2. Skillz that Killz)
  • 3rd Place medal & display case, $15 Subway gift card - David Morrison (3. The Benchwarmers)
  • 3rd Place medal & display case, $15 Walmart gift card - Marcus Middleton (3. The Benchwarmers)
  • 4th Place medal & display case, $15 Applebees gift card - Jayce Grefrath (4. The Kan-tina Jammers)
  • 4th Place medal & display case, $15 Darden gift card - Alex Reinecke (4. The Kan-tina Jammers)
All players in the top four received an official 2018 KanJam Klassic medal

Random Drawing of remaining small prizes:

  • $10 Amazon gift card - Josh Tonn (Sweet Buttered Crumpets)
  • $10 Applebees gift card - Ajay Cybulski (Young Guns)
  • $10 Amazon gift card - Derek Brifu (Ebony & Ivory)
  • $10 Amazon gift card - Sam Caquias (Team 6 it)
  • Orange KanJam flying disc - Austin Matteson (Matteson Brothers)
  • $10 Walmart gift card - Jim Daugherty (Slackers)
  • Orange KanJam flying disc - Matt Lafferty (Dos Amigos)
  • $10 Target gift card - TJ Burns (Burnardo Bucket Boys)
  • KanJam pack (KanJam koozie, 2 KanJam pens, wristbands, and key lanyard) - Ian Domes (Mandalorian Fire)
  • Blue KanJam flying disc - David Morrison (The Benchwarmers)
  • KanJam gloves - Mary Domes (Blame Ian)
  • Blue KanJam flying disc - Scott Silverman (Game of Throws)
  • KanJam pack (KanJam koozie, 2 KanJam pens, wristbands, and key lanyard) - Bob Greenauer (Game of Throws)
  • KanJam gloves - Alex Reinecke (The Kan-tina Jammers)
  • KanJam pack (KanJam koozie, 2 KanJam pens, wristbands, and key lanyard) - Adam Williams (Milo's Minions)
  • KanJam pack (KanJam koozie, 2 KanJam pens, wristbands, and key lanyard) - James LaJoie (Maximum Effort)
Playoff bracket
Playoff Bracket
2018 KanJam Klassic

Special thanks goes out to all the dedicated teams that participated in the tournament from both near and far. Without their commitment, this event would not be possible year after year. Also, special thanks to those that assisted with tournament setup, takedown, announcements, and Finals video production. And again, thank you to the Sportsplex for helping us set up the field rental and for being excellent hosts for this major tournament. All proceeds were donated to the North Tonawanda Police Athletic League, and everyone's support was greatly appreciated. We hope to see everyone again next year at the 2019 KanJam Klassic!