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2014 Results

Stallion Survivors
2014 KanJam World Champions
Stallion Survivors
Eric Klavoon & Jon Sandino

New World Champions crowned!

Stallion Survivors win the 2014 KanJam World Championship

In one of the most widespread tournaments to date, players came from 14 different states and three Canadian provinces to compete in the 2014 KanJam World Championship on August 9th. It was a picture perfect day with clear skies and limited wind, resulting in another competitive route to the championship. Exactly 98 teams competed for the coveted title of KanJam World Champions.

In a Finals matchup featuring a pair of #1 seeds, Stallion Survivors (Eric Klavoon & Jon Sandino from Wheatfield, NY) took down last year's World Champions, Team Domination (Mark Lopian & Bryan Irish-Jones from Clarence, NY) in just four games. They finished with an overall record of 41-5 and won 14 consecutive playoffs games right through the Finals to win the title. As a team, this marks the first KanJam World Championship title for Stallion Survivors. For Jon Sandino, this is his first ever World title in eight years; and for Eric Klavoon, it is his 7th World title, becoming the first player to win the title now with three different partners, having won prior championships as Rebel Survivors (Dan Klavoon) and Sole Survivors (Steve Wojcik).


Official Ranks including Playoffs

1Stallion Survivors415
2Team Domination3714
4No Big Deal3412
5Mint Berry Jammers329
6Phils Mania2811
7Kardiac Kids2711
8Little Lebowski Urban Achievers319
9The Schlotzskys278
11Sub Standard2410
12The Benchwarmers2410
13Young Guns2411
14Six It2713
15Serenity Now!2711
1669-ft Giraffes2313
18Don't Stop Believin'209
19Tainted Ghoochies199
20Da Bubulas2410
21We KAN!2210
22Damn! We're Dorkus2111
23Save Ferris2011
24Son Son Son Son Son Son Son2212
25Playground Legends2113
26Hold my beer and watch this2012
27Shirley Temple Black2111
28Disc Heads1913
29Giddy Up!1713
30Gentlemen of the Kan2014
31Won Handed2013


Determined by regular season seedings, playoff records, and regular season records against other playoff teams.


Regular Season Standings

4Little Lebowski Urban Achievers214
5PB & Jam!196
6Political Scientists178
7Playground Legends178
8Slotty Seconds178
969-ft Giraffes178
10Wing and a prayer1510
11Won Handed1510
13Duck or Bleed1312
14Veronica Stars1213
15Insert Name Here1213
17Island Jammers1114
18It's Already Been Broughton1015
19Philly Frisbee Flyers916
20The Slot Machines817
21I Get Slotty When I drink!718
22Knights Of Jamelot619
23Krab Kakes & Kan-Jam520
25Wayne Enterprises322


Ties decided by head-to-head play.
The top 12 teams from this division qualified for the playoffs, with the top four teams receiving a "bye" for the first round.


Regular Season Standings

1Stallion Survivors222
2The Schlotzskys222
3Kardiac Kids204
4Don't Stop Believin'186
5Six It186
6WE KAN!186
7Son Son Son Son Son Son Son177
8Little Kracks159
9Giddy Up!1410
10NH Slot Patrol1410
11Aye Bay Bay1311
12What The1311
13The Showstoppers1212
14Slottin' Ibrahimovic's1212
15The Roadies1113
16Da Real Housewivez of Atlanta915
17Honey I shrunk my Team mate915
18Just Give Us The Trophy915
19Disc in a box816
20Ebony and Ivory618
20Kanbodian Jamocide618
20Wrath of Kan618
23Slot Heads519
2412th Man222


Ties decided by head-to-head play.
The top 12 teams from this division qualified for the playoffs, with the top four teams receiving a "bye" for the first round.


Regular Season Standings

1Team Domination222
2Phils Mania195
3The Benchwarmers195
4Young Guns195
5Da Bubulas195
6Damn! We're Dorkus177
7Hammer Time177
8Disc Heads168
9Giant Roosters168
10Gentlemen of the Kan159
11Bad Bet1410
12Bald n Balding1410
13Backyard kings1212
14Honey and Vinegar Realty1014
15The Ones Who Knock1014
16Go Home Bon Jovi915
17Just JAM It!816
18Slot City816
19Roc City Diamond Pirates816
20Hand Eeze717
20The Old Kan of the Mountain717
20Two guys one slot717
23Beans and Cornbread420
24Dirty Slots420


Ties decided by head-to-head play.
The top 12 teams from this division qualified for the playoffs, with the top four teams receiving a "bye" for the first round.


Regular Season Standings

1Mint Berry Jammers232
2No Big Deal214
3Sub Standard196
4Tainted Ghoochies196
5Serenity Now!196
6Save Ferris178
7Hold my beer and watch this178
8Shirley Temple Black178
9Vicious and Delicious178
10Just The Tip169
11Hammer Brothers169
13The Phanatics1312
14Motown Jammers1312
15Shower Buddies1213
16The 3 point Automatics1213
17The Big Deuce1015
18El Charros1015
20The Great Valley Sabres817
21Rhythm & Bruez718
23Jean Claude Kan Jam520
24Bucket Boys520
25The waterboys421


Ties decided by head-to-head play.
The top 12 teams from this division qualified for the playoffs, with the top four teams receiving a "bye" for the first round.


As with prior years, the overall field was broken down into two conferences; the American KanJam Conference (composed of the Dinger & Bucket Divisions) and the National KanJam Conference (composed of the Deuce & Hammer Divisions). After morning warmup and announcements, all 98 teams headed out toward their assigned division area to compete in the regular season "scramble."

Regular Season
98 teams
Teams traveled from near and far at a shot at becoming official KanJam World Champions

In the regular season "scramble," teams would play every team in their division one game to regulation (21 points). With 98 teams, this equated to approximately 24-25 regular season games. Just about every team had no trouble completing all their games within the three hour time limit.

With conclusion of the regular season, most teams took a break for lunch and got ready for the playoffs. The tournament coordinator, Paul Swisher, and all the referees determined playoff teams. This marked the fourth year with official referees - all of them have at least 10 years of KanJam experience and have all made the playoffs in past World Championships. The referees were Josh Tonn (4th year as referee), Mike Matikosh (3rd year), and Andy Evans (3rd year).


Mint Berry Jammers (Brian Keeth & Andy DiFronzo from PA), finished the regular season as the top seed from the Hammer Division with a record of 23-2. Defending World Champions, Team Domination, claimed the #1 seed for the third year in a row, posting a 22-2 record in the Deuce Division. In the other conference, Stallion Survivors tied with the 2012 World Champions, The Schlotzskys (Trevor Cole & Scott Johnson from MI) at 22-2; however, Stallion Survivors won the head-to-head game to claim the #1 seed. In the last division (Dinger), four teams tied at 21-4 for the top spot. 10-13, composed of Jayce Grefrath and TJ Burns (NY) had a 3-0 record against their counterparts to take the #1 seed.

Since the other three 21-4 teams in the Dinger Division were 1-1 in games against each other, they all participated in a tiebreaker "shootout" to break the tie. In the shootout, each team was simply given three rounds of throws to score as many points as possible, with Instant Wins counting as 10 points. PHILorkus (Josh Greenauer & Phil Schneider, NY) was perfect with six buckets, scoring a total of 18 points to take the #2 seed. Slackers (Jim Daugherty & Kim Klavoon, NY), a final 4 team from last year, shot 16 points, taking the #3 seed. And in their return to the World Championship after a two year hiatus, Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (Mark Stein & Jackson Trinh, NY) earned the last bye in the Dinger Division as the #4 seed.

In the Bucket Division, three teams tied at 18-6 for the final "bye" seed. Don't Stop Believin' (Nathan Calhoun & Michael Davis, NY) beat their counterparts in head-to-head play to claim the #4 seed, while Six It (Lenny Feldman & Sam Caquias, NY) took #5 and We KAN! (Christopher Cybulski & Donald Nellis, NY) took #6.

Teams in pavilion
Teams take a break from the action while waiting for Regular Season results

Four teams tied at 19-5 in the Deuce Division for second place. Phils Mania (Dave Ryley & Aaron Ryley, NY) went a perfect 3-0 against the other 19-5 teams to earn the #2 seed. The Benchwarmers (David Morrison & Marcus Middleton, NY) and Young Guns (Ajay Cybulski & Charles Rizzo, NY), last year's runners-up, finished #3 and #4. Da Bubulas (Scott Silverman & Alex Reinecke, NY) just missed the "bye" group as the #5 seed, having lost all three regular season games against these teams in overtime.

In the Hammer Division, Sub Standard (Brad Irish-Jones & Matt Irish-Jones, NY) tied at 19-6 with Tainted Ghoochies (Michael Domagala & Drew Lalawitc, NY) and Serenity Now! (Tim Klavoon, NY & Dan Klavoon, MD, former World Champion), but won the head-to-head battle to claim the #3 seed. Tainted Ghoochies beat Serenity Now! to win the final bye seed at #4. There was also a four-way tie at 17-8 for 6th place. Because Vicious and Delicious (Pete Pavlovich, NY & Mike Marino, IN) lost all their head-to-head games, they ended up at the bottom of that group for the #9 seed. This setup a shootout between the other three teams who finished 1-1 against each other. Save Ferris (Mike Sullivan & Bob Sullivan, NY) shot 14 points in the shootout to take the #6 seed, while Hold my beer and watch this (Darryl Gear & Joel Blom, ON) managed 13 points for the #7 seed. Shirley Temple Black (Avery Benjamin DeVoe & William Quigley-Smeltzer, PA) got 11 points in the shootout, taking the #8 seed.

Wild Card Round
Divisional Playoffs action
Seeds #5 - #12 in each division compete

Divisional Wild Card (best of 5) - After all the seedings were figured out from the regular season results, teams anxiously awaited the announcement of playoff teams. As with prior years, the top 12 teams from each division qualified for the playoffs, with the top four earning a "bye" for the first round. Of the 16 total matchups in the Wild Card round, there were just five upsets, with three of those upsets coming in the Dinger Division. Hammeroids (Brandon Voyer & Collin Kowalski, NY) upset #5 seed, PB & Jam! (Steven Edwards & Jason Silvas, NY) in four games. Won Handed (#11 seed, Sean Nosky & Eric Egger, NY), defeated #6 seed, Political Scientists (Jeff Martin & Jarrod Craft, KY), 3-0. The other upset from this division was 69-ft Giraffes (Kyle Merrifield & Adam Moran, NY, #9) taking down Slotty Seconds (Chuck Robuck & Shawn McDaniel, MI, #8), 3-0. In the Bucket Division, the only upset was #9 seed, Giddy Up (Jason Hoorn, NY & Mike Hoorn, MI) defeating #8 seed, Little Kracks (Kurtis Hine Sr & Keith Ford, MI) in a three game sweep. The other higher seeds from this division all advanced. In the other conference, there was just one upset in both divisions, and that was in the Deuce Division. Gentlemen of the Kan (#10 seed, Kieran Moyle, PA & Kevin Collins, NJ) eliminated #7 seed, Hammer Time (James Goudie & Travis Clemons, MI) in a close series, 3-2. All the higher seeds, including all of them in the Hammer Division, advanced to the next round.

Divisional Quarter-Finals
Paul Swisher announces matchups for Round 2 of the playoffs

Divisional Quarter-Finals (best of 5) - With 32 teams remaining, the winners of Round 1 would get ready to face the top four "bye" teams in the next round. The biggest upset was the #9 seed, 69-ft Giraffes, defeating #3 seed, Slackers in the Dinger Division. After falling behind in the series, Slackers began to make a comeback until an Instant Win was thrown against them to end their 2014 bid. Also, two former World Champions came close to being knocked out. The Schlotzskys played a close series against Son Son Son Son Son Son Son (Mike Andrews, NC & Joe Andrews, MD), but prevailed by winning the series, 3-2. Gentlemen of the Kan took a commanding 2-0 lead on the defending World Champions, Team Domination. However, Team Domination made a comeback by winning three straight games to advance. There were just two other upsets, and both came with the #5 seed knocking out the #4 seed. In the Bucket Division, Six It topped Don't Stop Believin' in a close series, 3-2. And in the Hammer Division, Serenity Now! defeated Tainted Ghoochies in a three game sweep.

Divisional Semi-Finals
16 remaining teams compete in best of 7 series

Divisional Semi-Finals (best of 7) - In the National KanJam Conference, the #1 and #2 seeds would win their series to advance. In a rematch of the 2013 World Championship Finals, Team Domination (#1) defeated Young Guns (#4), four games to two. And Phils Mania (#2) knocked off The Benchwarmers (#3), 4-2. Over in the Hammer Division, both series went 4-2, with #1 seed, Mint Berry Jammers defeating #5 seed, Serenity Now! and #2 seed, No Big Deal taking down Sub Standard (#5). Back in the American KanJam Conference, there were two 4-0 sweeps in the Dinger Division. 10-13 swept their second straight series, taking down 69-ft Giraffes (#9), while Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (#4) upset the #2 seed, PHILorkus in just four games. In the Bucket Division, #3 seed Kardiac Kids (Joe Schillero & Dan Schillero, OH) eliminated the 2012 World Champions, The Schlotzskys (#2), 4-2. The final series between Stallion Survivors and Six It was one for the ages and was quoted by KanJam co-inventor Paul Swisher as "one of the best series I've seen."

Stallion Survivors and Six It
Divisional Semi-Finals
Stallion Survivors defeat Six it in overtime of Game 7

Eric Klavoon, Lenny Feldman, Sam Caquias, & Jon Sandino

In what will go down as the best series from this tournament, Stallion Survivors took a 2-0 series lead against Six It, and closed out Game 3 to force an Instant Win attempt. Needing an Instant Win to avoid a 3-0 series deficit, Lenny Feldman threw the disc into the top of the goal unassisted on his final throw. The goal knocked over, but the disc remained inside the goal on the ground, resulting in an Instant Win for Six It and new life in the series. In doing so, Six It took momentum in winning the next two games, including one in overtime, and now led the series, 3-2. Trailing Six It in Game 6, Stallion Survivors needed a deuce (2 points) on the final throw to stay alive. Sure enough Eric Klavoon threw it into the slot and the disc came out the top. Although they did not get the Instant Win, they got the two points needed to force overtime where they would win on clutch throws to force a Game 7. In the final game, Stallion Survivors only had 17 points, setting up Six It to win the series with a 6-point round. With only four points scored, this opened the door for Stallion Survivors to close and ultimately resulted in overtime. Stallion Survivors put pressure on with six points. Only getting one point on the first throw, Six It needed an Instant Win on the final throw. This time, they did not get it, resulting in a hard-fought 4-3 series win for Stallion Survivors.

Divisional Finals
10-13 vs Little Lebowski
Mark Stein of Little Lebowski makes a bucket

Divisional Finals (best of 7) - All of the remaining eight teams were a #4 seed or better in their respective divisions, setting up a clash of heavyweights in the Divisional Finals. This included the #1 and #2 seeds facing each other in both divisions in the National KanJam Conference. In the Deuce Division, Dave Ryley from Phils Mania (#2) shot an exciting Instant Win in their series against Team Domination (#1). However, Team Domination held on for the series win, 4-2. In another 4-2 series final, No Big Deal (#2) took out #1 seed, Mint Berry Jammers. In doing so, No Big Deal advanced to the Final 4 for the second straight year. In the other conference, Stallion Survivors (#1) rolled past Kardiac Kids (#3), sweeping them 4-0. In a very close series, Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (#4) lead 10-13 (#1) 2-0 to start. 10-13 rallied to tie up the series on Jayce Grefrath's Instant Win slot in Game 4. The series ultimately went to a deciding Game 7, where TJ Burns slammed the final bucket to send 10-13 to the Final 4. For Jayce, it is his second trip to the Final 4, having made it back in 2012 with a different partner (Kenny Campbell).

Conference Finals
Team Domination takes on No Big Deal for second year in a row

Final 4 (Conference Finals, best of 7) - With three #1 seeds and one #2 seed remaining, the division champs in each conference would face each other to determine a conference champ. In the American KanJam Conference, both #1 seeds, 10-13 and Stallion Survivors, would square off. To this point, both teams were also 11-3 in playoff games. Stallion Survivors continued their hot streak, sweeping 10-13 after winning the 4th game in triple overtime.

In a rematch from last year's Final 4, No Big Deal (#2) would have their shot at redemption against Team Domination (#1). After Team Domination took a 3-1 lead, No Big Deal won Game 5 to bring the series in reach at 3-2. Team Domination did rebound in Game 6 to clinch the series on Mark Lopian's final bucket.

World Championship Finals
Team Domination vs Stallion Survivors
Disc flip to decide the Hammer option for Game 1

KanJam World Championship Finals (best of 7) - With the champion from each conference decided (both #1 seeds), the stage was set for the World Championship Finals. For Jon Sandino of Stallion Survivors, this marked his very first Finals appearance in the World Championship. For Eric Klavoon (Stallion Survivors), this was his record-breaking 9th Finals appearance. This was also the third straight year Team Domination made it to the Finals, and 4th Finals appearance overall. Stallion Survivors were on a roll, having won 10 straight playoff games entering the Finals, while Team Domination had their eyes set on a repeat title. Only one of these determined teams could win it all.

Team Domination had the Hammer for Game 1. Out of the gate, both teams started with six points in the first round. After Stallion Survivors shot just two points the next round, Team Domination continued up to 15 points perfect. They then caught an errant throw to set up the next round. Stallion Survivors got up to 18, but Team Domination needed just one bucket to win. After only scoring one point, Team Domination opened the door for Stallion Survivors, who then closed out with a bucket. Team Domination converted the final two points to force overtime. Stallion Survivors put the pressure on in overtime with two perfect throws for six points. Mark Lopian slammed the disc, but it rattled off the top of the goal, forcing Team Domination into an Instant Win attempt. Unable to get an Instant Win, Stallion Survivors won Game 1 for an early 1-0 series lead.

2014 KanJam World Championship Finals
World Championship Finals
#1 seed vs #1 seed

Eric Klavoon (Stallion Survivors) makes the toss

In Game 2, Team Domination shot perfect buckets to 21. However, with just one strategically caught throw, Stallion Survivors were able to throw all buckets. After Team Domination got the final bucket, the game went into overtime again. With just one point on their first throw, Stallion Survivors got the bucket on the return throw to score a total of four points. Team Domination also only got one point on the first throw. With another slam off the top edge of the goal for just one point, Team Domination fell in the series, 0-2.

Stallion Survivors started the third straight game with double buckets, and took an early 10-4 lead on nice slam from Eric Klavoon. They would then go up 16-8 on a great one-handed tip from the side by Jon Sandino. Mark Lopian from Team Domination made a nice flip up play for a bucket on the next throw, and Team Domination brought the game in reach at 16-14. Not able to convert a five point round, Stallion Survivors went up 20-14. Team Domination got double buckets on a high slam by Bryan Irish-Jones to bring the score to 20-20. With both teams getting one point, this marked the third game in a row to go to overtime. Stallion Survivors once again put up six points in overtime in this pivotal game. Team Domination missed the bucket on the first throw, and could not get the Instant Win, resulting in a commanding 3-0 series lead for Stallion Survivors.

In Game 4, Stallion Survivors started with six points, and then took an early 9-4 lead. Team Domination then got six points to take a 10-9 lead. But Stallion Survivors stayed consistent, getting another six to take a 15-10 lead. After Team Domination got four points the following round, Stallion Survivors were in the driver's seat, getting the final six points to force Team Domination into an Instant Win attempt. After they could not get an Instant Win on the final throw, Stallion Survivors celebrated on becoming the 2014 KanJam World Champions. Hats off to Team Domination on another great performance as this year's runners-up.

Team Domination
2014 Runners-Up
Team Domination

Mark Lopian, Charlie Sciandra, Mitch Rubin, Paul Swisher, & Bryan Irish-Jones

In their very first pairup in the World Championship, Stallion Survivors become the 12th different team to be crowned as World Champions (including Garbage Can Disc titles). For Jon Sandino, it was a long time coming, winning his first title in his 8th year competing. This was Eric Klavoon's unprecedented 7th World title in his 14 years, and he remains as the all-time KanJam World Champion. Stallion Survivors also won the KanJam Klassic, a major indoor KanJam tournament held earlier in the year (April). They become the third different team to win both the KanJam Klassic and the KanJam World Championship in the same year. The other teams that accomplished this feat were Rebel Survivors (2010 & 2011) and Sole Survivors (2006).

As per tradition, Stallion Survivors won their own 2014 KanJam World Championship "Hammer" trophy to keep, on top of the plaque that will go on the permanent Hammer trophy to join the list of prior champions. They also won a $250 gift card to Olympia Sports, along with other KanJam prizes. The other top teams were also awarded with prizes.

Hammer trophies
The Hammer Trophies
The winning team gets their own Hammer trophy to keep and their team plaque on the permanent trophy

The 2014 KanJam World Championship was one of the best yet, featuring great weather, a widespread field of teams, and amazing competition. On behalf of KanJam, Charlie and Mitch would like to thank everyone involved for another great year. This includes the dedicated players and spectators, as well as the coordinators, volunteers, referees, and sponsors that make this a day to look forward to year after year. Proceeds from the 2014 KanJam World Championship benefited #LipsitzStrong to assist in the awareness of Esophageal Cancer and the North Tonawanda Police Athletic League. KanJam already can't wait until next year's tournament and hope to see everyone at the 2015 KanJam World Championship!

Everyone, please go ahead and reserve the date for next year. To keep it easy and consistent from year to year, the KanJam World Championship will always be held on the second Saturday in August. The 2015 KanJam World Championship take place on Saturday, August 8th, 2015. Please save the date! Registration and details will be posted in late spring of 2015 at kanjamleague.com.

Playoff Bracket
Playoff Bracket
2014 KanJam World Championship

Photos on our Instagram page. Search #kjwc2014 to view or add photos from this tournament!



More videos to come!

Divisional Finals
Phils Mania slots against Team Domination